LTL (less than truckload) Shipping

By understanding the special needs of small to medium sized companies, OGL provides the best total freight solutions for smaller shipments. Years of industry experience combined with an extensive network of LTL (less than truckload) shipping companies and affiliates allow us to pass these unique benefits directly on to you. We have spent years establishing relationships with the most-respected LTL carriers in North America who offer valuable volume discounts to our company. As a positive by-product of forging a working relationship with OGL, we can help you save money and time by sharing these advantages with your business. You'll save time by not having to develop industry contacts on your own, and you'll save money by receiving up to 20% in savings off of your cargo and transportation budget.

With OGL, you gain access to over 100 LTL direct carriers to help you remain competitive in today's industry markets. OGL also helps you gain insight into which LTL shipping companies work best for specific lane segments, resulting in total freight solutions for all of your company's shipments.

OGL offers the following LTL freight options for small to medium businesses:

Partner Carriers:
Choose from qualified LTL partners all over North America or let us choose for you.

Tracking Services:
Our options let you know where your shipment is any time of the day or night.

Specialty Solutions:
From refrigerated cargo trucks to dry van delivery, OGL's logistics experts provide unique solutions for specialized cargo.

Fast Transit:
Our global LTL network ensures a carrier is available anytime you need to move small loads of freight.

End-to-End Logistics:
OGL provides total freight solutions from the time your shipment leaves until it arrives at its destination.

Customer Service:
> Our customer care agents are available 24 hours a day to help you communicate with our network of LTL shipping companies.

Your Priorities:
No matter which priorities guide your decisions in freight management, OGL strives to help you gain success in your endeavors.

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