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OGL's expert staff understands that every project has its own unique components, each demanding maximum flexibility and progressive approaches to problem-solving. Our international logistics are designed to personalize your experience as part of our exclusive clientele. Whether you need specialized trucking to transport your global shipments inland or customized barge services for offshore destinations, our professional logistics team will develop and implement an efficient plan built to address all of your freight forwarding requirements. As an industry expert, OGL's barge and truck services include deluxe features like arranging required permits, pre-carriage and on-carriage options and safe accommodation for over dimensional cargo.

Truck Freight

Due to our exclusive network of international logistics partners, OGL can provide an assortment of regular and specialized trucking options. No matter your cargo, we help you move it from point A to point B quickly, safely and always on budget.

A few of our trucking service features:

Permit Services:
For bulky, heavy and oversized cargo

Carrier Price Quotes:
To ensure you receive the best service for the best rates

Loading and Warehousing:
Your cargo is safely handled and sheltered from extreme conditions at all times

Customer Care:
We respond to all of your freight needs with instant, effective solutions

24 hours a day, you'll know the status and location of your cargo

Barge Freight

Sometimes barge freight requires innovative team management. In addition to specialized trucking services, we offer global barge options for safe transport of a wide range of cargo. By overseeing each phase involved in moving your freight from one shore to another, our experienced international logistics management teams can save you money and keep your cargo on schedule.

Sample some of our barge freight features:

Stevedoring Services:
A fully trained staff will safely on-load and off-load your cargo

In our care, your freight is always protected and in perfect condition

Customs Clearance:
We do our best to move your cargo quickly through customs procedures

Transloading Services:
When your shipments require multiple modes of transport, we can make it happen

Less than Bargeload Options:
With consolidated smaller loads, you won't pay for the whole barge


Our experience in providing top-of-the-line barge services and regular or specialized trucking attracts major industries to our side. They know we will only provide top-tier services and fully trained personnel. As a result, we are the preferred international logistics provider for:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM)
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Energy & Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure

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