Global Shipping - Break Bulk

OGL provides a range of logistical solutions for any shipment too large for a traditional type of freight container. Our ro ro shipping (roll on/roll off) and break bulk cargo services are designed to accommodate oversized freight without causing delays in your daily business operations. Our project teams are experienced in managing any special requirements mandated by customs or other international organizations that might otherwise detain your oversized global shipments. We can coordinate with these authorities on your behalf, resulting in a quick and seamless transition which allows your break bulk shipments to reach their destinations before critical deadlines have passed.

Break Bulk Cargo

We train each member of our project management teams to perform preliminary large freight service evaluations, professionally lift heavy break bulk loads, provide inland transportation to port and oversee door-to-door delivery. We can manage total turnkey projects by safely transporting and relocating overweight or oversized equipment and offering post-delivery assistance with unpacking and setting up. Our experienced teams are also expertly trained to move and arrange safe transport for bulk shipments of cars, trucks, boats and other types of oversized vehicles.

Ro Ro Shipping Services

Our ro ro management provides our customers with valuable time-saving benefits such as efficient on-loading and off-loading of ro ro ocean vessels. Our staff is insured and licensed to operate your roll on and roll off equipment in a safe manner. We conduct port and facility storage inspections before releasing your valuable cargo to ensure that the voyage will not incur damage to your freight or cause delays in delivery. OGL assumes full responsibility when it comes to securing your shipments aboard any type of ro ro shipping vessel. We'll never leave your cargo unattended until we make certain it's safe and secure.

Examples of ro ro shipping and break bulk cargo services OGL can manage:

  • Steel and iron
  • Cement and masonry
  • Timber
  • Large machinery
  • Excavation equipment
  • Manufacturer or deal vehicle lots
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Industry vehicles
If you don't see your freight in our list of break bulk cargo and ro ro services, please send an inquiry. We are happy to serve your oversized shipping needs.

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