OGL combines over 50 years of combined experience in the logistics field with the ingenuity and flexibility of a young company. We manage trucking services for companies ranging from small businesses to corporations with multiple warehouses in each state. Global shipping and project cargo services are also available. Our company is successful at helping out customers because we only hire the best staff members and drivers. If you are looking for a new career in the logistics industry, consider OGL. We offer unrivaled benefits no matter what position you are qualified for within our organization.

Our company maintains a strong sense of ethics and culture. Before applying with OGL, please review our company's characteristics and values. Some of the most valuable traits include:

  • A positive attitude and the willingness to meet any challenge that comes your way
  • The ability to come up with creative ways to improve the experience of all clients
  • Knowledge of your local region and issues that could affect freight services
  • A cooperative nature and the skills to work in both large and small teams
  • Dedication to excellence in everything you do
  • Putting safety first

We have built partnerships with over 100 carriers for less than load (LTL), full truck load (FTL) and other cargo formats around the country. Professional and experienced truck drivers are invited to join our network no matter what region you currently live in. Our wide range of contacts can provide you with steady work as a local or over the road driver. We are especially interested in owner operators with a variety of different hauling equipment. If you own your own truck, we can provide you with opportunities to make the most of your investment.

OGL can even help sales representatives with experience and contacts within the freight forwarding business. We work on an international scale and can help you expand into regions of the world that you could not easily reach on your own. Our freight forwarding representatives work hard to develop meaningful relationships with each client. You will be the first person many clients contact from our company, so we expect you to have the skills to create a comprehensive plan to fit their international shipping or freight needs. The more forms of freight you have experience in managing, the better.

If you have years of experience in the freight business and are ready to start your own business, consider becoming an OGL franchise branch. There are still hundreds of U.S. cities that could benefit from an affordable and flexible freight forwarding business. By becoming part of the OGL family, you can utilize our ocean buy rates for the international market. You will instantly be able to offer affordable international freight shipping to all your customers. Our umbrella insurance policies also allow you to keep your fleet or warehouse well-insured without massive premiums that burn up all your profits. If you don't have connections with carriers yet your new company can tap into our truck brokerage network. You will save yourself months or years of hard work by becoming an OGL franchise.

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